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Q: How much is a 1977 malayisa coin worth today?
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How much is a 1977 US half dollar coin worth?

The coin is still in circulation today and has face value only

How much is a 1977 50p french coin worth?

In 1977, the French used the franc. A 1977 50 francs coin is worth just under 15 US dollars. The silver content of the coin is worth 11 US dollars alone.

What is the Tower of London gold coin worth from 1977?

If the coin is actually made from gold, it will be worth whatever the gold content is worth. If it is a coin of gold appearance, it will maybe be worth whatever you paid for it.

How much is 1884-1977 Jamaica one dollar coin worth?

it is worth one dollar.

What is a 1977 eisenhower dollar coin with a D on it worth?

Face value.

What is the value of a 1977 Klondic days souvenir coin?

If it is a "souvenir" coin, it is probably worth less than what you paid for it.

What is the value of a 1969 minted sterling silver coin worth today?

Which country and what coin?

What is the Value of 1977 cinco pesos?

The value of a 1977 cinco pesos coin depends on its condition and rarity. As of 2021, a circulated 1977 cinco pesos coin may be worth around $0.25 to $1 USD, while a coin in uncirculated condition could be worth slightly more to collectors. It is advisable to check with a coin collector or appraiser for a more accurate valuation.

How much is a Medallion Folio of the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II worth today?

The original price in 1977 was $155.00 cad. There is 1.46 agw of silver in the coin. At 35 an ounce the coin is melting at around 51 dollars cad.

Is lexington concord golden coin worth a lot today?

yes the Lexington concord golden coin is worth a lot today, especially with the rise of gold and the gold prices.

How much is a 1977 republica de Venezuela 5 cents coin worth?

a lot

How much is a 2.00 coin worth today?

From what country? If it's from Canada, it's an ordinary circulation coin worth, well, $2.00