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it was dangerous for kids on the gold field because if you were playing in the bush and got bit by a snake there were no proper medical suplise

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Q: How was life dangerous for kids in gold fields?
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How was life in the gold fields?

life in the goldfeilds was very unfair and harsh.

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What was life like for the kids during the gold rush?

very hard

What was life lke for settlers on the gold fields?

If you are asking about the California gold rush life was not good. Food was expensive, they wet and dirty all the time, they died of sickness and accidents, and more went home broke or dead.

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Life on the gold fields for children was boring. They didn't have much games to play so they had to find fun.

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Life was dangerous form the Gold rush because many people died by accidental bombs going off. Also the prices in the near by towns went up so fast that no one could really buy anything. One potato cost $10.00!

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