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The class-10 board exams are not getting cancelled. its just that you have the option of choosing to take up the exams or not, since starting 2011, you will be getting a grade based on your internal assessments.

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Q: Is the 10th board exams will get cancel for the students from 2011 batch?
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What are the advantages of abolishing board exams?

reduce stresses of students

Does vidya valley pune has 10th-12th icse board affiliation?

Vidya Valley School, Pune is affiliated to the ICSE board. The fourth batch of Std 10 will appear for their board exams in March 2009. The school also has permission from the Board to present students for Std.12 but for various reasons it has decided to hold that in abeyance. Therefore at this time the school is not accepting admissions for 11th & 12th. The school also presents students for the 10th Std. Board exam conducted by the NIOS board. One stream of students from the 7th to the 10th are trained to appear for the NIOS board exams.

What is the reaction of students on the cancellation of 10th board exams?

hey are these exams really cancelled???? If so it is good

What is the total number of students appeared in Commerce stream exams in CBSE board 2014 all over India?

The total number of students who sat for Commerce stream exams in CBSE board 2014 all over India was 1,028,928.

How many students appeared for the tn board 12th exams in the year 2009?

6.4 lachs

How many students appeared for the tn board 12th exams in the year 2010?

7 lakhs

Can you get the details of intermediate 1st year betterment exams?

Yes, intermediate 1st year betterment exams are typically held for students who wish to improve their grades in specific subjects. These exams are usually conducted by the education board or institution that administers the intermediate exams and the details such as exam dates, registration process, and syllabus can be obtained from the official website of the board or institution. Students can apply for betterment exams to enhance their academic performance.

Are board exams happening for class 10 students in 2013?

dnt knw sum r sayin it is happening

What is a collective noun for exams?

The collective noun is 'a battery of tests'.

What are the advantages of board exams?

encourages the students ,helps the extra ordinary students but harms the people who are less intelligent. it gives equal importance to studies and activities

Class 10 board exam to be abolished?

noooooo because students 10 class main board K exams k darr se study otherwise students study karte hi nahi hai

How will merit list be prepared for class 10 cbse board exams 2010?

As this time only grades will be given to students, so there in no question of Merit List for CBSE class X exams