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We live in the fraser valley and here the fields are mainly used for corn, blueberry, raspberry & hedging cedars. In the interior there are vineyards and ginseng fields.

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== Potatoes== ) === == Potatoes== ) ===

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Q: What are some crops grown in Prince Edward Island?
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What province produces 60 percent of the potatoes grown in Canada?

Prince Edward Island

Where are the majority of potatoes grown in Canada?

Potatoes are grown all over Canada. Prince Edward Island accounts for about 1/3 of Canada's potato production but they are grown all over Canada. Prince Edward Island, Novascotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

What are major crops grown in Rhode Island?


What crops did Roanoke Island produce?

Roanoke Island in the late 16th century produced a variety of crops including corn, beans, squash, and tobacco. These crops were grown by English settlers who established a colony on the island.

What crops were grown in Rhode Island?

potatoes, apples, corn, beans, squash, and tobacco

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No crops are grown in the tiaga or boreal forest. The soil is too thin in that area for any crops to be grown.

What crops are grown in the great lakes?

No crops are grown in lakes, Great Lakes or otherwise. Lots of crops are grown near lakes, however.

What is meant by kharif crops and rabi crops?

crops that are grown in summer season are known as kharif crops and crops grown in winter are called rabi crops

What are crops that are used on the farm where they are grown called?

crops grown in mixed farming

Informatin about crops grown in Jammu and Kashmir?

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The crops in the South were cash crops and crops in the North were consumable crops.