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Q: What does Kane puta means in kannada language?
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What is the Kannada word for 'cover'?

In Kannada, cover can be Rakshane (as in cover for protection) or Hodhike (as in covering yourself with blanket) or Mukha-puta (as in cover page).

What Does vaya puta Mean?

Vaya means either leave or get out, and puta means bitch.

What does puta mean in German?

Puta is a Spanish word, and it means...something dodgy.

What language is puta?

"Puta" is a vulgar term in Spanish that is used as an insult to refer to a woman as a prostitute or promiscuous. It is important to be mindful of the language we use and to avoid using derogatory terms towards others.

How is the term puta translated into the English language?

"Puta" is a vulgar sexual expression. The rules for answering questions forbid to answer this kind of questions because it is not appropriate for all ages.

What does 'mi puta' mean Spanish to English translation?

"Mi puta" translates to "my whore" in English. It is a derogatory term used to refer to a woman in a disrespectful manner.

When was Mircea Puta born?

Mircea Puta was born in 1950.

When was Puta's Fever created?

Puta's Fever was created in 1989.

When did Mircea Puta die?

Mircea Puta died in 2007.

What does shade palette means?

IT MEANS ME IT'S ALL ABOUT ME EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ME The above is given by some puta who doesnt know anythin about this !! plz ignore him !

What does que quieres puta mean in English?

If I'm correct it means "What you want b*tch?" or something similar to that.

What does filha da puta mean?

Filha da puta is Portuguese for "son of a bitch/whore".