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Red resembles bravery, strength, and courage!

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Q: What does the coat of arms on Costa Rica's flag mean?
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What is Costa Rica's Flag?

The flag of Costa Rica consists of blue, white and red horizontal bands with the Coat of Arms of Costa Rica in a white elliptical disk near the hoist side of the central, red band

What does the coat of arms on the Croatian flag represent?

The coat of arms represents the five regions of Croatia on it's flag.

Symbols of Puerto Rico?

It has a flag, a coat of arms and the coqui.

What is the coat of arms of France?

France doesn't have a coat of arms, as it is a republic ( it has the national flag or tricolor).

Why is the British flag part of the Canadian coat of arms?

The British flag is in the Canadian Coat of Arms because the Canada was formed from British colonies.

What does the segovian flag mean?

coat of arms

What is the Provincial Flag for Alberta?

Coat of Arms

What is Victoria's flag and coat of arms?

Victoria's flag is just the same as the normal flag that represents the whole of Australia but there is a crown on top of the five star's we have there. And the coat of arms has a Lion and a Unicorn.

Who designed kenya's flag and coat of arms?

me linus

Who designed Campania's flag?

The design of Campania's flag is derived from the coat of arms. The coat of arms was taken from some of Campania's original settlers, the Ancient Peoples of Italy.

What are Romania's national symbols?

The flag, anthem, coat of arms.

Is there a coat of arms on the French flag?

No, because France is a republic.