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Wheat and soybeans are the main grain cash crops. I have seen corn fields but I think the grain is used locally as feed.

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Q: What grains are grown in Virginia?
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What product are grown in Virginia?

grains, beans, and vegetables are grown in Virginia

What grains are grown in Italy?

There are many grains grown in italy. but rice and barley are the most common. and there are many other thing s that grown there tooo.

What were grains grown in the bread colony?


What was the grains grown in the bread colonies?


9 In the country districts usually food is grown What are the main crops which are grown?


They are also known as coarse grains they can be grown on less fertile and sandy soil?

Millets are known as coarse grains that can be grown on less fertile and sandy soil.

What grains are grown most often in Canada?


Which grains are grown in France?

gron is not in the dictionary.....

What is the most commonly grown crop in Russia?

The most commonly grown crops in Russia are grains.

Are any crops grown near Mt Etna?

olives and grains are grown on and around mount etna

How much rice is grown in China today?

Two grains.

What plant is grown in West Virginia?

Rhododendron is the state flower of West Virginia