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Q: What is a sentenes for cradling?
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What is a sentence using cradling?

Cradling his baby, the man dashed from the car through the rain and into the house. She was cradling her injured arm. No one has ever hosted a Baby Cradling Contest.

How many sentenes are supposed to be in a paragraph?

their are suppose to be 5 or more sentenes in a paragraph

What sentence can you use to make cradling in it?

Mary is shown cradling her newborn son in her arms.

What states what the subjuct does is or has in a sentenes?

The verb.

What actors and actresses appeared in From an Evil Cradling - 1999?

The cast of From an Evil Cradling - 1999 includes: Brian Keenan as Narrator

What is a sentenes for ceiling?

the sentence for ceiling can be.. the ceiling is black

Is there a penalty for cradling n lacrosse?


What is sentenes for idle?

my mom is always busy every day

Can you continu my sentenes I am metul powerful i am iron man who can...?

iron man

You wanto make sentenes but you dont theses words?

WIKIanswers sucks! do not use it gago!!!!

What is reef mining?

reef gold is mined by cradling with this wooded thing

When cradling the ball your top arm should be?

a couple inches to the head of the stick