What is assembly election?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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It is where the government wrote laws and approved tax requests.

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Q: What is assembly election?
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Hyderabad all assembly election counting results?

hyederabad assembly election result

In 1967 Kamaraj defeated in parliament or assembly election?

He was defeated in Assembly election at Virudhunagar in 1967,

How many election constituencies are there in Tamil nadu in in India?

234 assembly (election) constituencies

What is the closed assembly of cardinals for the election of a pope?

It is called a conclave.

Who conducts state assembly elections?

The Chief Election comissoner

Which party won last assembly election in haryana?


How speaker and deputy speaker is elected for provincial assembly in Pakistan?

In the first session of provincial assembly soon after election, speaker and deputy speaker are elected. This election is supervised by election commission under supervision of current speaker and deputy speaker.

Who is Rakesh Daultabad?

Rakesh Daultabad is an Indian politician. He was elected to the Haryana Legislative Assembly from Badshahpur in the 2019 Haryana Legislative Assembly election as a member of the Independent candidate.

Election of the first new york assembly?

All I know is that it was in 1691

When legislative assembly election 2011 will be held in tamilnadu?

In between 25th MAY to 10th JUNE , CM should take in charge . solegislative assembly election 2011 may be held after 2nd week of MAY....Thank you !

What month did Abraham Lincoln's first election happen?

Abraham Lincoln's first election was in August 1832. He ran for a seat on the Illinois General Assembly but lost.

What was the number of the congress party women candidate in second phase assembly election 2012?