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Covent is an alternative word for a convent or monastery in old English.

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Q: What is the definition of covent?
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What is the meaning of covent as in Covent garden?

Covent is another word for monastery

When was The Covent-Garden Journal created?

The Covent-Garden Journal was created in 1752.

When was Murder at Covent Garden created?

Murder at Covent Garden was created in 1932.

What does the name beryith mean?

It mean to cut the covent with God. Like when Abraham in the Bible cut the covent with God. Covent means that you have a relationship with someone.

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The duration of Murder at Covent Garden is 1.53 hours.

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When was Covent Garden tube station created?

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Where is Covent Garden?

In London

What does covent means?


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