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Q: What year were team sports introduced to the commonwealth games?
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What were first team sports at the Commonwealth Games?

The first-ever Team Sports at the Commonwealth Games were Rowing, Athletics and Swimming

How many teams are in the commonwealth games?

there has been 12 commonwealth games, the first games were in 1930

What was one of the first team sports to be introduced athe 1900 Olympic games?

water polo

How many in the Brunei team commonwealth games?

Only 12 people are in the Brunei Commonwealth Games Team... They are only competing in lawn bowling

Which team won gold in netball at the Commonwealth Games?

Australia won the Netball competition at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

How to get into the commonwealth games?

You need to be a citizen of a commonwealth country and then qualify to participate in your national team

Was Cathy Freeman in the commonwealth games team?


Who is in the cricket team for 2010 commonwealth games?


How many competitors were in the New Zealand 2010 Commonwealth Games team?

192 New Zealanders competed in the 2010 commonwealth games

What is the different between sports and games?

Games can be things like team or invasion games. Sports is, well sports!

How many New games added in commonwealth games 2010?

There are a total of 31 sports which are approved by the Commonwealth Games Federation. They are categorised into three types. Core sports must be included on each programme. A number of optional sports may be picked by the host nation, which may include some team sports such as basketball. Recognised sports are sports which have been approved by the CGF but which are deemed to need expansion; host nations may not pick these sports for their programme until the CGF's requirements are fulfilled Two new optional sports are included in the 2010 games, tennis & archery. Archery has been included once before in 1982 while tennis has never been included

How do you participate in Commonwealth games 2010?

The procedure to participate in the Commonwealth Games as an athlete in any sport was to follow the procedure for being named to your national team in that sport, presuming you are a citizen of a country that is a member of the Comonwealth.