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Frank Warrick and Kay McGrath (Weeknights) and Sharyn Ghidella and Bill McDonald (Weekends) in Queensland, In Sydney Roger Climpson and Ann Sanders (Weeknights) and Michael Usher (Weekends) In Melbourne Peter Mitchell (Weeknights) and Jennifer Keyte (Weekends), Sports Presenters Qld: Shane Webcke on Weeknights and Pat Welsh on Weekends, In Sydney Mel McLaughlin on Weeknights and Jim Wilson on Weekends, In Melbourne Tim Watson on Weeknights and Sean Sowerby on Weekends. Weather Presenters Qld Tony Auden (Weeknights), Paul Burt (Weekends), Sydney David Brown (Weeknights) and Angie Asimus (Weekends), Melbourne Jane Bunn (Weeknights) and Read by Jennifer Keyte on (Weekends).

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Geoff Parry and Samantha Jolly

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Q: Who Should Present Seven News East Coast Bulletins in Australia?
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