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Q: Why do people colour code their timetable?
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Word timetable in German?

A "timetable" for train or bus times is called a "Fahrplan",A "timetable" for aircraft is called a "Flugplan",A personal "timetable" is called a "Zeitplan".A "timetable" for school is called a "Stundenplan".

What is the factory paint colour code for advan racing rg gold?

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What are the ratings and certificates for Cracking the Colour Code - 2008 Viewing Colour 1-1?

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How do you maintain a timetable at house?

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What was the timetable for fyba 2009?

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What do you call a timetable in french?

The word timetable is horaire.

What is the colour code for a liquid pipe line and a air pipe line?

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How do you find the colour code for car if theres no code on the car?

Make a car. Choose the RGB. You now have the colour for the car.

What is the colour code in indian standards for pipe lines in automobile industry?

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International color code pipelines?

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Can you get the colour code for capacitors?

Yes..... its like the resistor color code

What is the 5th semester timetable published by trichy annauniversity?

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