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Q: Why was the British Columbian town of Victoria called stumptown?
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Why is Victoria the capital of British Columbia?

It was named after Queen Victoria so therfore its called Victoria

British columbia's federal electoral district is called?

British Columbia's federal electoral districts are called ridings.

Province of Victoria?

The city of Victoria is the capital of the Canadian province of British Columbia. There is no province called Victoria in Canada, Australia, or any other former colony.

How did john hamilton gray die?

He died because he got a disease called Paralysis in 1889. he died in Victoria British Colombia.

Where can one purchase a Victoria fireplace?

There is not a specific brand of fireplace called Victoria nor is there a fireplace retailer named Victoria. However in Victoria, British Columbia you can purchase a fireplace from Feel The Warmth.

Why is this time period of british history called the Victorian age?

Because Queen Victoria ruled at the time.

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What is the columbian metropolis called?


Was Queen Victoria Spanish?

Not the British monarch, but there was a Spanish Queen Victoria ( of the Battenberg,later Mountbatten, family) she died well into the twentieth century and was generally called Ena in Spanish to avoid confusion with the historical Victoria.

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The British group called The Spice Girls -- she was known as Posh Spice!

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