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Yes and no, computer science is scientific in a way that it doesn't use a lot of programming. Programming in itself is not an exact science, because all of it is just inventing logic, which is the same as essay writing

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Q: Are computers related to science
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How is science related to computers? is the worst

Why computer is included in computer science?

computer science is the major related with computers so it is included

How has your life been impacted by science?

Everything around us is science. You might not notice, but everything is related to science. Computers take scientists to make.

How the cellphone and computers related to science and technology?

They are related to technology because they use electricity and screws and blah, blah, blah, blah..................

What is the difference between computer science and computer skill?

Computer science is a body of knowledge about computers, usually related to writing programs. Computer skill is the ability to use knowledge about computers to perform specific tasks. These tasks may or may not be related to computer programming.

Computer use in the field of science?

versatility of computers in the field of science

Topics related to computers?

Computer science, processors, types of motherboards, and cache memory are all topics that are related to computers. Other computer related topics include virtual memory, computer memory, system restore, and data storage.

Words related to technology?

Some words related to technology are automation, computers, mechanization, and robotics. Also on the list are applied science, telecommunications, Boolean, and electronic.

How do computers have to do with science?

Science is the pursuit of knowledge. Learning about anything is a science. Computer Science is the science of computers and how the are controlled and also other aspects of computing, like databases, networking, programming and a lot of other subjects. Computers are also involved in all sorts of other areas of science, as people use computers to do many different things. Nowadays computers are important in most areas of science.

What does a job in computer science entail?

Computers and science

What is the difference between computer science and computer technology?

"Computer Science" is "field of computation". "Computer technology" is the "management of computers". See the Related Link below for more information.

What the science related in biological science?

Science is related to science. In-fact biology is science.

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