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An antenna is built and tuned specifically to resonate at a certain frequency or set of frequencies. In receiving, this resonance will appear as an RF voltage across the antenna, or between the antenna and ground. This RF voltage is usually modulated in order to carry information, for example a radio station. You generally use a receiver of some kind to "decode" this information, and make it usable to humans again, for example, play the music as audio through a loudspeaker.

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Q: How an antenna receives signal?
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Is the receiving antenna radiate radio wave during reception?

A receiving antenna does "re-radiate" some of the power it receives, but not all. Some of the power it receives proceeds into the receiver ... which is the only way we detect the signal being received by the antenna.

What is the directional properties of antenna?

omni-directional is the opposite of directional. A directional antenna receives or sends more signal from or to the front than the sides or back.

What receives radio signal?

Radio receivers are designed to receive radio signals in conjunction with a receiving antenna.

What are the advantages of using the RCA Indoor Amplified TV Antenna?

The RCA Indoor Amplified Antenna will give you better television reception compared to a non amplified antenna. The amplifier will boost any signal that the antenna receives, giving better reception.

What is a cellphone booster and where can I find one?

A cell phone signal booster includes three parts: the outdoor antenna, the signal booster, and the indoor antenna(and cable to connect them) The outdoor antenna communicates and receives a signal from a cell phone tower nearby and transmits a signal to the booster. Then, the signal booster amplifies the outdoor signal and sends a stronger signal to the connected indoor antenna. The booster’s indoor antenna broadcasts the amplified signal to all cell phone or cellular devices throughout the home or office.

What receives or transmits radio signals?


What does an antenna do?

Radiates and/or receives radio signals.

What is the purpose of the Earth station antenna?

The main purpose of the Earth station antenna is that it receives and RF signal, which it turns into an electromagnetic wave and sends to a satellite. It then transfers the energy from the satellite to different signals and sends it to receiving equipment.

Laptop you get a wireless signal from a library across the street but your signal is very low sometimes no signal what can you do to get a better signal?

You could attach an external directional antenna. Google for 'wireless antenna'.

What is a broadcast repeater?

A television repeater can be a TV translator. It receives a distant station thru a receive antenna mounted high on a tower then re-broadcast this signal from transmit antenna(s) on a different channel, mounted on the same tower.

How do you get a stronger signal out of the computer router?

Replace the existing antenna with an active antenna.

How many miles will a 3db antenna reach a signal?

depend on how high your antenna

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