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Clip Art Task Pane

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Q: How do you search for clip art using clip organizer?
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Where can you search for clip art using a keyword?

Clip Art task pane

File extension of clip art pictures in the Windows Clip Organizer?

The file name extension of clip art in Windows Clip Organizer is .jpg (JPEG).

Where are clips art images stored?

the clip organizer

What contains clip art photographs sounds and video clips?

Clip Organizer

Contains clip art photographs sounds and video clips?

Clip Organizer

What task pane allows you to search for clips using descriptive keywords?

Clip Art Task Pane

Suppose you want to insert a clip art object from your own clip art collection into a PowerPoint presentation slide How should you do this?

Select the slide, search My Collections for clip art, then select the clip to insert into the slide.

Allows you to search for clips?

clip art task pane

What Allows you to search for clips?

Clip Art Task Pane

Is clip art available for the Super Bowl?

Try typing Super Bowl into a Google Image search then specify clip art to narrow the search. See Related Links for an example.

Where can free clip art of footballs be found?

At open clip art sites. Most of them offer free clip art library with a search function. They are usually made out of good will by other users as a contribution.

Where can one find free clip art?

Because there is no restriction on free clip art, there are many sites that offer it for download. Any search for "free clip art" will bring up any number of sites. Because of the high volume of search hits, it is recommended that you think about the type of clip art you might want. This will help narrow the field.

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