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it depends on the type and model of dryer and also what type of motor is used

for induction motor you can calculate the RPM

A squirrel cage induction motor is a constant speed device. It cannot operate for any length of time at speeds below those shown on the nameplate without danger of burning out.

To Calculate the speed of a induction motor, apply this formula:

Srpm = 120 x F


Srpm = synchronous revolutions per minute.

120 = constant

F = supply frequency (in cycles/sec)

P = number of motor winding poles

Example: What is the synchronous of a motor having 4 poles connected to a 60 hz power supply?

Srpm = 120 x F


Srpm = 120 x 60


Srpm = 7200


Srpm = 1800 rpm

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Q: How fast can a dryer motor spin?
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If the spin dryer is leaving clothes dripping wet, it could be due to an unbalanced load causing the drum to not spin properly, the spin speed setting is too low, or a faulty motor or belt preventing the drum from spinning at the correct speed. It's recommended to check and rebalance the load, increase the spin speed setting, and inspect the motor and belt for any damages.

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