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yes, it is for children

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Q: Is it OK for your child to use GoAnimate?
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How old does your child have to use GoAnimate?

GoAnimate is an internet make your own animated movie. Some people can put violence on there GoAnimate videos. It can allow people to use bad language like the f word and the b word on there GoAnimate videos. Goanimate lets people to use content like Frequent or strong inappropriate violence , inappropriate drugs that contains alcohol and tobacco and inappropriate profanity. I am 11 years old. It does allow content like Infrequent or mild. For ages 15 and over because GoAnimate videos can allow people to add strong violence or bad language and more inappropriate stuff on there GoAnimate videos. I hope I am right.

How do you make an interactive game on GoAnimate?

You have to use links and make only the title screen public. Make the rest private. You have to use a GoAnimate URL for the links. Let me show you how.Go make the You Win and You Lose cards first.Then make the levels with GoAnimate's easy to use animation studio. Every good game needs animation!Make the title screen last. Let me tell you this is the only screen you make public. Make sure to use GoAnimate video links that lead to more of your game!That's all it is 2 it.

When was GoAnimate created?


When did goanimate come out?

in 2007

How do you get go plus on goanimate for free?


What is the online currency for the website GoAnimate?

The online currency is GoBucks. Currently, you have to pay for GoBucks but there is also a way to get free GoBucks by signing up for surveys and gaming websites. This is all on the GoAnimate website. Go to the GoAnimate website to find out more information from the link below.

What if you need child pads but there are no child pads can you use adult aed pads?

If the child is older than 8 or 55 pounds, it is OK to use adult pads. If not, do not use adult pads as the shock will be too much.

Does go animate cost money?

How much does GoAnimate cost

Is it ok for your child to use a credit card at Disney World?

Um, probably but, it depends on what they buy.

Is it ok to name your second child with the middle name of your first child?

yes. That's ok.

How do you delete a goanimate account?

Make more than 100 videos

Software for interactive animation?

GoAnimate is a popular software for interactive animation.