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Why yes it is and it also acts as quite a good vibrater hows that?

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Q: Is it okay to have a lap top on your Johnson?
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Can i use any lap top charger in any lap top?

No, you have to use the laptop charger which is supplied with the computer

How do you put the word compact in a sentence?

Many people prefer a lap-top computer to a desk-top machine, as a lap-top is more compact.

Where is a lap top exaust fan located?

Lap top exhaust fans are usually located on the bottom of the lap top, underneath the keyboard.. Some models have two or more fans. They are used to cool down the laptop,

Where was the lap top made?


Can you get a free lap top free?


What site do i go to download ghost radar classic for your lap top?

what site do i use to get ghost radar classic for my lap top

How many laps did Jimmie Johnson lead in the first 90 laps at Homestead-Miami Speedway in 2010?

Jimmie Johnson led one lap out of the first 90 laps in the 2010 Homestead race. It was lap #71.

Where was the laptop made?

On top of someones lap....

Does your computer have a virus?

No i am good With my lap top

What is the laptop named for?

It can fit on top of your lap.

Does spor work on a lap top?

yes, if not your lap top probably doesnt have a good enuf grafics card or not enuf memory. hope this helps=]

How do lap top computers differ from net books?

The lap top computer is your typical computer that allows you to complete all the tasks you normally would with a compute4r, but with the convienence of having it in your lap. The net book is a much smaller version than the lap top and has reduced capacity. It is great for basic functions where little memory is required.