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It is called downloading.

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Q: Saving a copy of a web page on your computer storage device?
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Define Backing storage?

Storage which stores a copy of every file on the computer. Storage which stores every file copy in a computer.

How do you copy simcard info to PC?

Use a USB card reader. The computer will view the card as an 'external mass-storage device' - and you will be able to copy data from it to your computer's hard-drive.

How do you transfer files from one laptop to another?

The easiest thing would be to use a USB flash drive, or a compact disk. Just copy the files you want to transfer on to the disk to flash drive, insert the storage device into your other computer, and copy the files from the storage device on to your new computer.

What Data is copied from a storage device into?

If you own the computer then you could copy it to your hard drive(normally drive C:) or if you dont own the computer you could save it to your acct on the computer.

How do you copy before you can save?

How you can copy before you save depends on the device in which you are copying and saving. On a computer you can highlight the text you wish to save and select copy and then paste the text into a program like Word and save.

How can you make a back up of a file that you have on your computer?

Copy the file you want to back up on to a external storage device such as an external harddrive or memory stick. You can also put the file onto another persons computer, either by emailling it to them or buy transferring it from an external storage device.

When you copy data from a file on a storage device into RAM you?

read to the file

What is the difference between a backup copy and a backing storage device?

wat is pckup

When you make a copy of your work onto a storage device what is it known as?

Making a backup

What is a duplicate copy of data and programs saved on a different storage device?


Can you transfer songs from one computer to the other?

Set your PMP to Mass Storage Device mode, plug in to USB port, see drive letter, proceed to copy.

What is an input device used to copy images in to the computer?

A scanner

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