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System support of wide area application

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Q: System support of wide area application?
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What is WAAS?

Wide Area Augmentation System

What does the acronym WAS stands for?

1) Wide Area System 2) World Association of Sexual Health. 3) Web Application Server 4) Web-Based Applications & Services.

What is a company-wide application called?

A company wide application can be termed a company policy.

What is a Wide Area Work Flow WAWF?

A Paperless Contracting DoD-wide application designed to eliminate paper from the receipts and acceptance process of the DoD lifecycle.

Describe the difference between horizontal application software and vertical application software?

A horizontal application system is a system that can serve a wide variety of industries, i.e. it is not industry- or business-specific. A vertical application system performs a range of business functions for a specific industry (such as manufacturing, retail, health care, restaurants, etc.).

How do you get the free android application development in the world?

As per trends, popularity and quality there are numerous companies dealing in this area world wide

Is Apple's Safari operating system safe to use on computer?

Safari is not an "Operating System". It is a web browser - an application or program which allows you to view information on the world wide web.

What are smartphones?

A smartphone is a mobile phone that has advance computing ability and connectivity. Smartphones can run and multitask application. They also run complete operating system software which allows for a wide range of application designs.

What is the WAAS?

It is the acronym for the Wide Area Augmentation System. It is a system developed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to augment the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites.

How wide is the penalty area?

The penalty area is 44 yards wide.

What does WAN stand for?

Wide area network

What are some features of the Blackberry Bold 9000?

A long-standing tradition of push-to-talk options, plus bluetooth support and a full keyboard and a wide range of support and application options, any Blackberry product is a good buy.

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