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There are many advantages to video conferences: 1, Companies are able to have meetings easily between branches that are situated very far away;

2, Companies are able to save on travel and hotel costs, previously incurred through transporting different employees to one place,

3, Meetings can be organised at short notice,

4, Employees are able to work from home, increasing work flexibility,

5, Meetings do not require large room facilities. Sorry that's as much as I can remember from ICT A-Level! disadvanges are · Technology Issues; For online meetings and web conferences to be productive, participants require suitable hardware, software and internet connectivity. Poor web conferencing technology or inadequate training using the technology will undermine its success. · Facility Issues; Suitable facilities are needed for web meeting participants. Cameras, microphones, monitors and computer keyboards need to be situated in a quiet room with comfortable seating and proper lighting conditions. · Cultural Issues; Web conferencing often appeals to Internet savvy, computer literate individuals. Many people, however, are uncomfortable with new technologies. Transitioning from in-person meetings to web meetings must be well managed, like any other significant business change. · Inter-Personal Relationships; Web meetings and web conferences are not suitable for all types of gatherings. Human contact plays an import role in relationship building with customers and suppliers and should not be underestimated. There is often no substitute for a face-to-face contact, particularly at the start of an important business relationship.

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Q: What are the advantages of video conferencing?
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Where can one find more information about the advantages of video conferencing?

Video conferencing is generally accepted as an advantageous technology for businesses of any size. Information about these advantages can be found at Mashable and the official Video Conferencing Guide website.

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What are the strategic advantages of video conferencing over physical conferencing?

The main advantage is cost ! It's much cheaper to use video conferencing, as the people invited don't physically have to be there - saving on travel costs (air tickets, fuel etc)

What is different between web conferencing and video conferencing?

Web conferencing can include video conferencing but video conferencing doesn't necessarily mean web conferencing. Video conferencing can be done through a phone line while web conferencing is done through an internet connection. Don't quite get it? Have a look at .

Who are the video conferencing providers in the city of Philadelphia?

Eyenetwork offers video conferencing and telepresence facilities including video conferencing rooms, and locations in Philadelphia. HQ is another company that offers video conferencing.

What do Tandberg Video Conferencing Systems do?

Tandberg Video Conferencing Systems deliver high level communications for video conferencing. Tandberg offers extensive video conferencing solutions to users by providing the most comprehensive, very reliable and well integrated video conferencing system in the industry including telepresence and HD conferencing.

What is tandberg video conferencing?

"Tandberg video conferencing is not a thing, but rather, Tandberg is a company that produces and markets a number of different video conferencing products."

Does BT Conferencing provide any services other than video conferencing?

BT Conferencing not only provides video conferencing services but they also provide audio conferencing services. They also provide web conferencing and streaming tools.

What are the advantages to video conferencing?

Video-conferencing saves time and money. By conducting meetings via video - the participants don't need to waste time travelling to a central meeting point. Additionally, they are more alert due to not suffering the fatigue that travel normally brings.

How many kinds of video conferencing are there?

Video conferencing can be divided in two main categories: Software based video conferencing - as the name suggests, this kind requires additional software . Web based video conferencing - this does not require any additional software as it can be run from the browser.

What is polycom video conferencing?

It is a video conferencing service that allows business professionals to video conference with their employees as well as other companies.

What services are offered by video conferencing facilities?

Video conferencing facilities sell, organize, and maintain video conferencing devices that are tailored to the needs of a business. Technical and customer support is also available.

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