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HTTP 404 error


When trying to load a URL or File and they are not in the specified path, then a 404 message will appear indicating that the file is not found.

You need to make sure that the URL is correct (look for missing letters, spaces and such).

It could be that the webpage/file was removed/deleted or changed URL and that is why this path does not work.

It generally means that you're even though your web browser managed to connect successfully to the required web server, the requested page could not be found.

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Q: What is Error 404?
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What does the error 404 mean on a website?

Error 404 - The requested URL was not found. This is the error 404. It means that the page or website or a hyperlink one is requesting has either been moved, or removed from the main server.

What does ERROR 404 mean when something is glitched?

A 404 error is a website couldn't be found on their server. But error 404 means that page you we're trying to find was corrupted.

Why do computers get the Error 404 all the time?

Computers get the Error 404 message all the time because users are trying to access websites or locations that no longer exist. Thus the Error 404 appears.

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What does error 404 means when opening Yahoo Mail in fire fox 4?

Error 404 Means: "File Not Found"

What are the ratings and certificates for 404 Error Not Found - 2011?

404 Error Not Found - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG

What do you do if you have a 404 eror?

You can't do anything. 404 error means page not found.

How do you prevent the error code 404?

You cannot

What does Error 404 mean on Neopets?

Error 404 is not specific to Neopets. It simply means that whatever page you tried to access (or search for) does not exist.

How to fix error 404 on wordpress?

That's going to depend on what's causing the error. Is it a wordpress 404, or a server 404? If it's a server 404, something isn't instaled correctly. If it's a wordpress 404, you'll likely need to change your permalink to the item you're looking for.

What is the error code 404?

*Answer*Error Code 404 is usually found on web pages. Which means that the website you requested is available, but the server can't connect to it.

What does a 404 error mean?

A 404 error means that a file could not be found. It is often refered to as a 'dead link', meaning that the URL that returned such error no longer exists or has never existed in the first place.

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