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a tannoy system is found in supermarket train stations and airport it link to a microphone and lot of speakers and a person speak in to it and it project your voice around VIA speakers sometimes there is a chime e.g ding dong :)

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Q: What is a tannoy system?
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Tannoy speakers are available online and can be purchased on sites like Ebay and Amazon. You can also consult the Tannoy website for information about locations in your area.

Origin of word tannoy?

A genericised trademark of Tannoy Ltd, a manufacturer of public address systems. "Tannoy" is a syllabic abbreviation of tantalum alloy, which was the material used in a type of electrolytic rectifier developed by the company.

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you should have to learn how to eat the disgusting airplane meals, how to put up with noisy passengers and how to run around screaming in panick and how to use a tannoy system

are tannoy speakers good?

If you're looking for value, then yes, they'll get the job done.

Called in German?

Depending on the context :-# She "called" me on the telephone is "Angerufen" # I "called" out loud is "gerufen", # He "called" loudly until he lost his voice is "rief" # To be "called" out on the tannoy system is "Aufgerufen" or "Ausgerufen" # They are "called" (name)" is "heißen" or "genannt werden"

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The best systems are created by components from many manufacturers. The highest end systems include speakers from manufacturers like Tannoy, Klipsch and Genelec. The amplifier can be from companies like Mcintosh, Mark Levison and Classe. The preamp can be from Lexicon or Parasound. The Blu-Ray player can be from just about anyone, as the quality difference in picture in sound is negligeable between brands for this component. These are not the cheapest systems, but they are the best.

What has the author Mary Weir written?

Mary Weir has written: 'Final report on contract no.EF/SC-78/23/Wo to the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions' -- subject(s): Tannoy Products Ltd

Hardest Hitting Sub woofer?

Kicker of course. Kicker makes car audio products, not home theater subs. The term 'hardest hitting' isn't a measurable quantity. For the sub with the most power, try the Tannoy TS212iDP, a subwoofer with 1500 Watts and 2 12" drivers.

How do you write this sentence in a grammatically correct way The announcement coming from the mikes hanging at a railway station echoed entire vicinity and Increased the chaos?

You can write The announcement coming from the mikes hanging at a railway station echoed entire vicinity and increased the chaos in another way which looks tidier and is more gramatically correct such as this The public announcement emanating from the railway stations suspended tannoy system reverberated through the waiting room and all along the platform which only appeared to add to the pandemonium of the busy rush hour.

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