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Copying a CD is just that, You end up with another CD with the same information on it as the one you started with (identical). Ripping is the action of getting the Information of the CD, Usually Music or Video, and downloading it onto your PC. Also Ripping usually involves a process of converting files, Such as A music CD the songs are Wav Files, and when you Rip them to your PC they are usually converted into Mp3 files.

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Q: What is the difference between copying and ripping a CD?
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What does CD ripping refer to?

copying and downloading the CD to another device.

What is ripping a CD?

Copying it from a CD to a computer or other device. Taking the intrest

What is the difference between copying photos to a CD and burning photos to a CD?

i ain't know

What is ripping music from a CD mean?

Ripping music off a CD is taking the songs from the disk, and copying them to another device, usually a computer. The disk is not damaged in any way.

What is the process of extracting audio files from a CD and copying and storing them on a hard drive called?


What is ripping an audio file?

Ripping is the process of copying the audio or video data from one media form, such as DVD or CD to a hard disk. So if you had a CD and you wanted to put it on your computer you would "rip it" to your computer.

When you rip a song off a CD does it stay on the CD?

Yes, ripping a song off a CD is just a figure of speech, what you are doing in reality is copying it. It's like coping the music and pasting it to a document.

Do songs stay on a CD when you burn them?

Yes. Burning or "ripping" a CD is just copying the data to your computer it doesn't hurt the CD at all, it just copies it to a hard drive or memory storage device.

What is the Purpose for ripping music when adding to computer?

'Ripping' is the generalized term used for copying tracks from a CD to the PC's permanent drive. The purpose or need for this is to categorize the songs or tracks you want to duplicate onto another medium like an iPod, CD, etc. 'Burning' is the term for creating a CD-R or CD-RW disk.

CD ripping refers to what?

Taking something off a CD: If you went to a shop, bought a CD, then put all the tracks from the CD to your computer that would be CD Ripping (ripping the data of your CD) it also could happen with DVD's.

What is the difference between saving data and backing up data?

You save data by copying it from memory to your hard drive. You back it up by copying it from your hard drive to a CD (or other removable medium).

Is copying CD good or no?

Copying CD's without the prior consent of the content owners - is illegal.

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