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They're HTTP status codes. They are nothing but the errors in HTTP.

The error codes of 4xx are called client errors which are caused by some mistakes done my the user.

They error codes mean:

401 - Wrong Authentication

402 - Requires some Payments to be done

403 - Authentication required, no public access

404 - Web page does not exist/Required content not found

405 - Method of sending data is not allowed

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Q: What is the error 401 402 403 404 405?
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What do you do if you have a 404 eror?

You can't do anything. 404 error means page not found.

What is the error code 404?

*Answer*Error Code 404 is usually found on web pages. Which means that the website you requested is available, but the server can't connect to it.

What does a 404 error mean?

A 404 error means that a file could not be found. It is often refered to as a 'dead link', meaning that the URL that returned such error no longer exists or has never existed in the first place.

What is Error 404?

HTTP 404 error It means "FILE NOT FOUND ERROR". When trying to load a URL or File and they are not in the specified path, then a 404 message will appear indicating that the file is not found. You need to make sure that the URL is correct (look for missing letters, spaces and such). It could be that the webpage/file was removed/deleted or changed URL and that is why this path does not work. It generally means that you're even though your web browser managed to connect successfully to the required web server, the requested page could not be found.

When the internet explorer 404 error occurs?

Internet Explorer 404 error occurs when using proxy servers and after being blocked by Websense.In some versions of Internet Explorer I get a 404 error after being blocked by Websense. If I refresh the page, I then get a block page.When a connection is established through a proxy server, the host name of the site and the proxy server name are cached in Internet Explorer. On future attempts to access the host name in the same session Internet Explorer has cached information about which proxy to use. Therefore, all subsequent connections to the host are tried through the proxy that was used previously. This means that if the proxy server name that is cached is unavailable during the same session, the automatic proxy configuration script is not re-processed and you receive a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error message in Internet Explorer.What is occurring is that the block page URL is being passed to the browser client, but the browser then attempts to access the Filter Service block page using the wrong port. For example, the block page's port default is 15871. The browser would mistakenly try to use port 8080, for example, to access the block page. Disabling proxy result caching prevents this issue and forces Internet Explorer to use the correct port as specified in the block page URL passed to the browser from the proxy.

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How can you handle 404 and 403 errors using Drupal backend?

You can set 404 and 403 error redirection pages in configuration->site information section of admin back end.

Find 3 consecutive integers x x 2 and x 4 whose sum is 1209?

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What does the error 404 mean on a website?

Error 404 means that the webpage you are trying to access is not found

What does ERROR 404 mean when something is glitched?

A 404 error is a website couldn't be found on their server. But error 404 means that page you we're trying to find was corrupted.

What error number codes appear when one gets a msg error message on their computer screen?

404 is one of the most common error codes that appear when a webpage is no longer functioning. There is also a 403 code which lets users know that they are forbidden from viewing that webpage.

Why do computers get the Error 404 all the time?

Computers get the Error 404 message all the time because users are trying to access websites or locations that no longer exist. Thus the Error 404 appears.

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What does error 404 means when opening Yahoo Mail in fire fox 4?

Error 404 Means: "File Not Found"

What are the ratings and certificates for 404 Error Not Found - 2011?

404 Error Not Found - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG

What do you do if you have a 404 eror?

You can't do anything. 404 error means page not found.

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