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To become a software engineer you need to take Mathematics, Computer Studies and Electronics.

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You have to take Physics, Computer Studies, Chemistry, Mathematics and Electronics if you want to be a software engineer.

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Q: What subject we have take aftet class 10 for software engineer?
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What subject we have to take after class 10 for software engineer?

You can take a programming class or Analogue or Digital electronics as a software engineer.

What class you take for a engineer?

It depends what type of engineer you want to be, as to what class you take. You have: Software Engineers (Programmers), Vehicle Engineers (Mechanics), Hydropower Engineers (Water Mechanics) etc.

How do you be an software engineer completing 10th std?

After completing 10th std, one needs to pursue for science stream in class 11 and 12. After that, one can apply for BE/B.Tech in computer science.

What class do I need to take for software engineer?

As a bare minimum today you should have a BSCS degree, but today many employers will not hire you unless you have at a MSCS degree and some could require a PhD CS degree.I was able to become a software engineer about 25 years ago with only a BSEET degree, but I also had about 14 years on the job experience with the company's systems as a technician, and they also required a 6 month "trial period" working with the duties of a junior software engineer but not the pay or title, if a review of my work was satisfactory then I would actually get the junior software engineer job and a chance to be promoted to software engineer. but if unsatisfactory I would have to remain a technician. My work was satisfactory and I spent 16 years in the software engineering department, receiving several promotions before retiring. But in several ways I was limited by not continuing my education and getting a MSCS degree.But today it is very unlikely that any company would do anything like that!

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A mechanical engineer can not get a internship on Google. To get a internship for mechanical engineer you will to go to class.

What college class do you have to be in to become an architectual engineer?

You have to look at your majors. class criteria required for graduation

Which broad class of software would accounting software fit into?

There are Application Software and System Software.

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An adaptee is a software class which is converted to another class via an adapter class.

What exactly is Class Software?

Class Software helps organizations increase the participation in their services. If a business wants a higher audience in a specific program, then they will use this software to obtain the views.

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