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The hosts return to a listen-before-transmit mode

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Q: When a collision occurs in a network using CSMACD how do hosts with data to transmit respond after the backoff period has expired?
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What is the portion of a network in which collisions occur if two nodes transmit data at the same time?

collision domain

Is the portion of a network in which collisions occur if two nodes transmit data at the same time?

collision domain

What is collision domain?

A collision domain is an area on the network where two devices may attempt to transmit at the same time. A hub has 1 collision domain overall. A switch has 1 collision domain per interface. The fewer devices in 1 collision domain, the better. ----

Why is the size of a collision domain important?

Collision domains are really bad. Not only does each computer get everyone's frames, but only one PC can transmit at a time! Your total bandwidth is reduced every time you add a PC to the network. Your network will come to a screeching halt!

What are three characteristics of CSMA CD?

A jam signal indicates that the collision has cleared and the media is not busy.X A device listens and waits until the media is not busy before transmitting.The device with the electronic token is the only one that can transmit after a collision.X All of the devices on a segment see data that passes on the network medium.X After detecting a collision, hosts can attempt to resume transmission after a random time delay has expired.

Which network control protocol is used to prevent collisions on a full duplex network?

Full Duplex Ethernet uses no network control protocal to prevent collisions. This is because full duplex has a deicated channell for transmit and receive. When communicating in full duplex mode, there is no area to have a collision.

How does data transmit in an Ethernet network?

My answer is not wrong

What is collison domain?

A collision domain is a physical network segment where data packets can collide with one another when being sent on a shared medium.A group of Ethernet or Fast Ethernet devices in a CSMA/CD LAN that are connected by repeaters and compete for access on the network. Only one device in the collision domain may transmit at any one time, and the other devices in the domain listen to the network in order to avoid data collisions.A collision domain is sometimes referred to as an Ethernet segment.

How many collision domains with a 12-port switch?

Zero. No collisions can occur within a full-duplex environment, as transmit and receive operations are performed on another set of wires. Thus, no collision domains would exist. Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/DC) is not part of a full-duplex network for this reason.

If hub is replaced with switch is there any changes in collision domain?

In most modern-day network switches, collision is no longer a problem. Network switches are good at handling these situations to avoid collision problems.

What is the portion of a network in which collisions occur?

collision domain

What are the primary functions of the Transport and Network layers?

to transmit data

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