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Look for a hooker,and drive really close. Honk your horn. It usually takes a couple tries. Hookers are everywhere,so it shouldnt be hard.

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Q: Where Can you get a girl in your car in gta4?
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How do you get a girl in your car in GTA4 on xbox 360?

if you see a hot girl stop and honk fast 2 times press lb and she will get in gao to a dark place and you can do her

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How do you get a real car on GTA4?

there is no real car and what do u mean.

Weres the place to customize your car in gta4?

there is none.

How do you get girls in your car in gta4?

by having 1/4 health and no armor, drive your car up to her, and reply to her suggestive comment. if your talking about any old girl, you can't, they just won't. sorry.

Can you put gta4 car mods on xbox360?

With the right stuff, yeah

What car is a super gt in gta4?

It is an attempted copy of the maserati granturismo

How realistic is GTA4?

GTA4 was clearly the most realitic GTA game ever made, saying that it is very realistic. expecialy with car damage if you ask me

How do you get a prostatute in your car in gta4?

dude, i almost mistaken this with prostate. learn to spell prostitute right, or else you would have gotten 10 million answers. now search "how to get a prostitute in your car in gta4" on google, or somewhere.

How do you make cars fly cheat in gta4 PS3?

buble car or ripazha

How do you lidicate on a car in gta 4?

You don't have turn signals on GTA4 usable by the player.