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Amazon is an online store which sells locks for sliding doors available to purchase. Ikea also sells locks for sliding doors online and in their store.

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Q: Where could one go online to purchase locks for sliding doors?
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Where online can one purchase interior sliding doors?

One can purchase interior sliding glass doors from Home Depot in store and online. One can also purchase interior sliding doors from Lowe's both in store and online.

Where can one purchase a sliding closet door?

One can purchase a sliding closet door from many online retailers such as Lowes which offers a wide variety of sliding closet doors and Houzz also offer sliding closet doors.

Where can one purchase sliding shower doors?

There are many places where someone can purchase sliding shower doors. The best places to check would be Home Depot, Walmart, and online websites such as Amazon.

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Sliding patio doors are available for purchase at a variety of retail locations. Some stores that carry sliding patio doors include Home Depot, Lowe's, and Ace Hardware.

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One can buy a sliding glass door at the Home Depot, both online and offline. They have quite a few sliding doors on their official website available for purchase.

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Modernfold/Styles is a company that manufactures sliding doors that are also capable of folding. These doors are available for purchase directly from their website.

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