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The components inside the box may be charged with extremely high voltages, and may injure or kill you. If not, the box may be broken, and you will need to buy a new one. It is safe to open one, if it hasn't been connected to any power source for a while (>1 week), however, I still wouldn't recommend it.

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Q: Why should you never open a computer's power supply?
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The power supply provides power for?


What is power supply in computers?


What is the computers power suply called?

it can simply be called a "power supply" or a PSU (power supply unit)

What are power supply connectors in computers?

Molex and Sata

Can notebook computers run on batteries or standard power supply?


The power supply and monitor contain enough power to give you a strong shock except when they are unplugged?

A computers power supply can cause a shock even when unplugged but it's not dangerous. The monitor stores enough power to kill for many years after being unplugged. Never open the case of a monitor.

Why do computers require their own internal Power Supply?

Computers require their own internal power supply because the power required to power most newer computers, especially with high-end graphics cards, would require a bulky power supply which wouldn't be ideal in transporting computers or aesthetically. Also, with all of the other internal parts of a computer, some type of power interface would be necessary within the PC anyway, so why not just bundle it all together?

What 2 components should never be opened as they retain large amounts of current?

-Power Supply Unit. -Monitor.

What power supply should you replace a 175 watt power supply with?

any power supply with at least 175 watts

When was the first Universal Power Supply Invented?

The first power supply was invented by Thomas Edison. It is unknown when exactly the first universal power supply for computers was invented.

How is the power supply of a computer measured?

Power supplies are rated at the maximum wattage they can put out. Of course, a computers requirements vary depending on what the computer is doing, so a computer power supply should be of the same, or greater, wattage requirement of the computer when under it's greatest load.

Which option represents the main advantage of having an internal power supply in a computer?

All computers have an internal power supply... An external one is simply for back up if you lose power.