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why do signal system call do not work properly on RHEL 5.0. any reasons hardware or software specific?

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Q: A book about inter process communication?
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How the process interact with eatch other?

Processes are interacting each other using Inter Process Communication. In Inter process communication there are shared memory, message queues, pipes there for communication.

Give two examples of application programs that use inter-process communication?

Please give two examples of application programs that use inter-process communication?

Why communication is continuous process?

Communication is not an art or event at an instance of time rather it is a continuous process, incorporating various events and activities that are inter-related and inter-dependent.

What is the computer communication process?

The computer communication process is commonly known as inter-process communication. This will include input, analysis, processing, storage and output of data.

In Unix inter process communication take place using?

pipes - nammed and unnammed

What is the difference between intra departmental and inter departmental communication?

Interdepartmental communication is the process through which various departments send and receive messages between themselves.Intradepartmental Communication is a process through which the messages send and receive within the department.

What is inter communication?

Inter-Cloud communication means communication between two cloud environments. The pairs can be Private-Private, Private-Public and Public-Public. A classic example of inter cloud communication can be monitoring the performance of an application deployed on one cloud from another cloud.

Basic types of communication?

inerta communication inter communication mass communication group communication

Why do you need inter process communication?

Inter process communication is needed to allow different processes to communicate and share data with each other. It enables processes to work together, coordinate their actions, and transfer information between each other in order to perform more complex tasks.

What is the meaning of IPC contract?

An IPC is a inter-process communication contract that specifies how the exchange of data will take place. There can be multiple threads in just 1 process of data exchange.

What is a component of inter personal communication?


What is the definition of intra communication?

communication as a concept can be inter or intra in nature discuss