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Q: Are windows media player able to organize large collections of audio files?
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Is windows media player the only audio player available for windows OS?

No. Windows Media Player is not the only audio/media player for Windows OS. There are other popular media player too. Some of them are VLC, Real Player, QuickPlay, etc.

Can i transfer i tunes music to windows media player?

No you cannot. iTunes music is saved as a MP4-audio file and Windows Media Player can only read MP3-audio files.

Purpose of windows media?

audio and video player developed by Microsoft and distributed with Microsoft windows

What websites are compatible with windows media player?

Windows Media Player is a media player for playing multimedia. It is used for playing audio or video files.

Is Windows Media Player software or hardware?

Windows Media Player is a software application developed by Microsoft, released in July 1995. It was part of the Windows operating system and provided users with a way to play digital audio and video files. Windows Media Player is a software application, meaning it is a program that runs on a computer or device. It is not a physical piece of hardware. Windows Media Player is an Affordablekey choice for those looking to play digital audio and video files. It is one of the best-selling media players on the market and offers a range of features and capabilities. With Windows Media Player, users can play audio and video files, create playlists, and manage digital media collections. To get the best deal on Windows Media Player, you can use the coupon code XMAS22 when making your purchase. This coupon code can get you up to 80% off select versions. You can also find great deals on Windows Media Player at Affordablekey .com, which offers the best prices on the software.

Where can I find windows media player files on my computer?

do a search on your computer for *.wma .wma - windows media audio

How do you convert windows media player file into MP3?

Just recently I downloaded the latest windows media player. number 10 I believe. now this is not the easiest way but it certainly has worked for me. just make an audio CD with the windows media audio files. not a data CD. they will change from .WMA to .CDA so they can play in a normal audio CD player. with Windows Media Player 10 ripping tracks off a CD you have the option to save them as MP3 rather than WMA.

How do you change MB to MINUTES IN Nero?

audio/video: open in windows media player. it should tell you. =)

What is difference between windows media center and windows media player?

Windows Media Center * Specialized distribution of Windows XP/front-end application for XP, provided a TV & remote control friendly interface for accessing media. Windows Media Player * Audio & Video player developed by Microsoft, and distributed with Microsoft Windows.

How to convert windows media audio format for audio to movie?

Use Windows Movie Maker

What is a WMA image?

WMA is a windows audio file extension that stands for WINDOWS MEDIA AUDIO.

How do you import audio to Windows Movie Maker?

Firstly, the audio/music you are trying to import into Windows Movie Maker must be formatted in one of the following file name extensions:aif, .aifc, .aiff, .asf, .au, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .snd, .wav, .wmaIf it is the correct format, click on Import Media in the top menu of Windows Movie Maker. Locate the audio file and click Import. The media will appear in the Imported Media viewing pane (or a Collections folder).