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No - a supercomputer is a single device or system (although fast and expensive). A massive collection of networked computers can give the results of a supercomputer but they would not be considered one.

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Q: Can a supercomputer simply be a massive collection of networked computers?
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Why do you still need mainframe computers even though personal computers and workstations have become very powerful?

Mainframe computers are immensely more powerful than standard PCs. They are usually fitted with massive hard-drives (many terabytes in capacity) - many megabytes of internal memory - and super-fast processors. Sometimes mainframe computers are networked together - providing huge amounts of computing power.

How cluster better than traditional supercomputer?

Clusters allow one to leverage cheap commodity-grade computer hardware to generate massive amounts of computing power to accomplish the tasks which may typically be assigned to extremely high end computers and supercomputers.

Computers can do massive or simple tasks?

In most cases many simple tasks equal massive tasks. Computers can do both simple and (given enough power) can also do massive tasks

What is a massive collection of gasses in space that emit large amounts of energy?

A star is a massive collection of gas in space, that emits large amounts of energy.

Www versus internet?

The Internet is a massive network that connects computers and systems from all over the world. The World Wide Web is the collection of web pages, web sites and links that are connected to each other via the Internet.

Who uses super computer?

Super computers - are simply computers with massive amounts of RAM and HUGE hard-drives. Some are joined in a network - increasing their computing power. Many weather forecasters use super computers because they need to process massive amounts of data to predict weather accurately.

What kind of people would uses a supercomputer?

Super people. Actually, physicists, meteorologists, global warming people, etc. Anyone modeling complex behaviors that they can describe mathematically can use supercomputers to simulate the interaction of those behaviors. Also - engineers will be using them to model parts and whole cars without having to actually make them first. They can model a car's performance, strength, etc on computers without having to actually make the car first. Design it on computers, model its performance. then build it. It used to be a whole lot of trial and error to get things to work right. Now they figure it all out on the computer beforehand, and build it straight from the computer specs...

How big can computers be?

In Physical size, it is unprecedented. Depending on needed capabilities, Main-frame computers can be massive for handling large amounts of data. In virtual size, computers (as of now) can reach Terabytes. (1024 Gigabytes.)

When did the microfilm market expand?

The microfilm market also expanded during the early 1970s, fueled by the growing popularity of computers in business and government. Computers became capable of storing massive amounts of data.

What is the largest system of linked computers in the world?

The largest system of linked computers in the world is the Internet. It is a global network that connects millions of devices and facilitates communication and information sharing on a massive scale.

What is the difference between supercomputer and workstation?

A supercomputer is a very large and very fast computer normally used in applications that require extensive computing power such as performing calculations and analysis required to manipulate massive amounts of data such as might be found in space exploration, refining photographs from the Hubble Telescope, advanced mathematical analysis, etc. A workstation has much smaller capability and/or capacity and may not even have computing functionality ... e.g. CRT.

How super computer differ from normal computer?

Basically, a super computer has a far larger processing speed and short-term memory than a normal computer. This enables it to do the same jobs in far less time, or to manipulate extremely large numbers with ease.