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Yes, although there will probably not be enough space for most higher resolution pictures.

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Q: Can pictures be saved to a floppy disk?
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Can music be saved on a floppy disk?

Yes. But keep in mind that the capacity of a floppy disk is very small. It would be difficult to fit a full-length song at a decent quality on a floppy disk.

What is floppy disk slot?

a floppy disk slot is what you put the floppy disk in on a CPU

does a floppy disk hold information?

A floppy disk DRIVE can read, erase and save information on a floppy disk. The disk can't do it by himself.

Does a floppy disk rotate faster than a hard disk?

no the floppy disk rotate slower its because hard disk rotate faster then floppy disk

What is floppy disk management?

It's higher than Floppy Disk Associate, but not quite Floppy Disk Board of Directors.

What you inside a floppy disk into a so that data stored in the floppy disk can be read?

To read a floppy disk, you insert a floppy disk into a floppy disk drive. Not all computers have floppy disk drives. Typically desktop computers or ones that stand on the floor have floppy disk drives. New machines today allow a USB thumb drive (USB flash memory storage device) to be used in place of a floppy drive. All modern computersy have USB connections. If you need to read a floppy disk and you computer does not have a floppy disk drive, you can purchase a USB connected floppy disk drive for your computer.

What is floppy disk in German?

The term "Floppy disk" is also used in German as is "Diskette" or "Floppy"

How do you put pictures from a camera that uses floppy disks onto a computer?

Usually, you will just need to insert the floppies into the floppy disk drive on a computer. If your computer does not have a floppy drive (most made since 2003 don't), you will need to purchase an external floppy drive. These connect to your computer through a USB port. After you plug it in and insert a disk, you should be able to find the drive and view your pictures.

Does a floppy disk drive use laser beam to read and wright?

No. A laser is not used to read or right to a floppy disk.The laser is usedto read and right data to an optical disk such as a dvd or cd. The floppy disk is a magnetic storage medium. A read right head is basically a small coil. When a current is passed thru the read/right head, itgenerates a magnetic field which aligns the small particles on the floppy disk in one of two directions. the direction of the particle indicates a 1 or 0which is the essence of data on a computer. to find out more details of the construction of a floppy disk and how data is saved, google floppy disk.

How can you change a floppy disk serial number?

(giggle) FLOPPY disk? Heehee!

What holds the floppy disk also called the AA drive?

Correction: the "A" Drive is a floppy disk dirve that holds, reads and writes on the floppy disk.

High-density floppy disk has a storage capacity of?

The floppy disk which is commonly referred to as a high density floppy disk is a 3.5 inch disk. It has a storage capacity of 1.44 MB.