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Not directly, there are companies out there that will send you the product though. You pay them and they buy it for you and send it out.

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Q: Can you get products from apple store us shipped to the UK?
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Is there an apple store in watford?

There is no Apple store in neither Watford nor High Wycombe although both have retailers such as PC World and John Lewis that stock Apple products. For a list of UK Apple stores see links below.

Where to get an iPod touch in UK?

apple store

Can you buy an iPod from the US Apple Store in the UK?

go to and then u can buy from any us online retailer and for $10 you can have the package shipped to you through, if you go to the website it will explain :)

Do Grandad shirts online UK ship their products worldwide?

Grandad Shirts Online Uk have the available option to have their products shipped worldwide, though anywhere outside of the United Kingdom will be an additional fee.

How much tax would one have to pay for a laptop shipped from Australia to the UK?

The price of taxes on a laptop shipped from Australia to the UK will be dependent on where the laptop was purchased. If it was purchased from an actual store in Australia, then taxes will be based on Australian tax rates.

Where is the best place to buy a tv in the UK?

If you want apple tv then go 2 apple store, maybe sony...

From where one can buy Mac in UK?

You can buy Mac in UK in one of the department store cosmetic section, or their own Mac cosmetic retail store. But if are talking about Mac computer that would be in Apple store.

Can Apple UK products be used in the United States?

Absolutely. Apple products are made in China for consumption throughout the world. Though adaptors and wall plugs may differ depending on ones location, these adjustments are interchangeable.

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