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Q: Can you upgrade a gateway fx4710-ub003a to use a i7 processor?
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If you upgrade your processor to 64-bit processor then what else do you need to upgrade to use it?

Usually, you do not have to upgrade anything else.


Depends what speed you're talking about... Processor speed - install a faster processor(s) RAM speed - install faster RAM chips Internet speed - use a faster modem/router and get your service provider to upgrade your service.

Does it matter how cheap your processor is for your computer is?

Yes it matters. if you want to use a computer for graphics then you need a fairly large processor. if you want to do games you need a big processor. if you want to upgrade your OS someday then you need to have a good processor. Also, the size of your processor effects your speed.

Is the Sony Vaio a cheap laptop?

The Sony Vaio laptops are in the six to eight hundred dollars range. Whether or not you need an upgrade depends on how you are planning to use it. For gamers, upgrade the graphics card and the processor.

Can you upgrade processor thinkpad x100e?

Technically YES because it use the same socket but it will use more power and dissipate lot of heat, and finally draining your battery a lot

What diagonstic tool would you use if you wanted to upgrade to a faster processor without changing the motherboard?

No need of any tool. Just make sure you motherboad support the particular family of the processor. can be identified with socket type and FSB.

Can you upgrade an Intel Pentium 4 to a 64-bit Xeon processor?

No. Xeon processors use different chipsets and sockets, thus they are not interchangeable with mainstream processors.

How do I find out what processors I can use on my motherboard if I want to upgrade?

Check your motherboard or call your manufacturer. Make extra sure before you buy a processor, as many will be incompatible.

Is it possible to upgrade laptop processor from Intel core p6200 into Intel core i3-380 processor?

hi. I own a lenovo b560 and it has an intel p6200 processor. i upgraded it to i5-560m processor and working well. be careful about your chipset. it may not support i series. use a program called "cpu-z" to determine the socket compatibility of two processors.

C51MCP51 motherboard use dual core processor?

Yes it can, I have one in my Gateway and it came with a Amd Athlon X2 64 4200+ CPU, it wont support AM2 or AM3 chips though,

If you get a Gateway Solo 3500 from 2000 can you upgrade it to Windows XP and use wireless internet without an additional upgrade?

The only true way to find out what you can and cannot use o the Gateway Solo 3500 is to find the documentation on the motherboard. That will tell you exactly what it can or cannot do. There are free utilities you can download to find out what type of motherboard the Gateway has..check out and look under downloads. You will find one that will identify the motherboard, then look it up on the Internect, at the Gateway web site.

Can I upgrade the graphics card on my laptop I have a gateway M-1625 with ATI radeon 1270 can I upgrade..interested in the ATI HD3870?

You cannot use an ATI Radeon HD 3850 because it is a desktop graphics card. They do, however, have a mobile version of the same card (made for laptops) called the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3850, which you can use.