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sort xyz &

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Q: Command to sort the xyz file in the background is WHAT?
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WHAT IS command to sort the xyz file in the background is?

sort xyz &

What is fullform of ren command in dos?

ren stands for rename. It is used to rename a file in MSDOS. Syntax : ren old_filename new_filename if you want to rename a file with name ABC to XYZ you'll follow the following syntex: ren ABC XYZ

What does Congress do in response to the XYZ Affair?

hide in russia under yoda's command

Can you use xyz monster to summon xyz?

No, xyz monsters dont have levels, they have ranks Ex. Utopia is a rank 4 xyz monster

What is the full form name of xyz?


What was the XYZ affaur?

the XYZ affair represents an incident where an American diplomat (I believe it was Benjamin Franklin) traveled to France for diplomatic duties, but upon leaving the country France tried to charge a large sum of money as a sort of diplomat tax, which led to international tensions.

What is the vertex of xyz?

It all depends on what xyz is. If xyz is an arc of a curve, there will be no vertex whereas if xyz is a triangle, each of x, y and z will be a vertex.

When was XYZ Records created?

XYZ Records was created in 1957.

Can you destroy xyz monsters without xyz monsters?


How would you find a certain product number in a database?

Typically you would do a SELECT statement for the table that contains the product list. The details depend on the names of the table, of the fields, and of the information you know; for example if you know that the product description is "xyz", you could issue a command similar to the following:select * from ProductList where ProductName = "xyz";

How do you perform an Xyz Summon and what are good cards to use for Xyz Summoning other than Gagaga Magician?

ok xyz summons or easy it goes by the rank of the xyz monster you combine two monsters on your side of the filed that have the same level as the xyz monster's rank. just look at how many stars are on the xyz card if its 4 then you put two level 4 monsters on top one another and put the xyz on top of them so it goes by the rank of the xyz monster.

What happens when you flip an Xyz Monster face-down?

Nothing really. Any Xyz material stays under it. " If an Xyz Monster is flipped face-down, or becomes controlled by the opponent, the Xyz Materials are not sent to the Graveyard. They remain attached to the Xyz Monster." - Konami