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Your question is very vague. Most laptops are capable of running the same operating systems as a desktop computer.

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Q: How about the OS installed in laptop compare in desktop?
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Can mac snow leopard be installed on an intell laptop?

Apple's Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) can be installed on an Intel laptop if the laptop is made by Apple.

Can you transfer a mac os x update from computer to computer?

p.s. to clarify: i have snow leopard on my laptop, but only 10.4 on desktop. it costs to upgarde desktop to 10.5 or later, so i wondered if i could transfer from laptop to desktop?

It is the same to formatting a laptop and desktop?

Yes, generally; the question isn't what the hardware is, the question is what OS the machine uses. If it runs Windows, a laptop isn't much different than a desktop machine.

How is a new background for a computer installed?

Right-click you mouse on the desktop, and, depending on your OS and version of OS, look for an option for changing the appearance of your desktop. You should find a 'Browse' -button which will allow you to select the image you want.

If you install windows 7 on your laptop can you take the Windows Vista that was previously on your laptop and install it on your desktop computer?

This shouldn't be a problem normally, since you paid for a copy of that OS. The operating system should have drivers for the desktop, and it should install onto the desktop without any problems

What are two most used operating systems?

Desktop computers and laptop use the same OS. Microsoft Windows is one popular OS, Macintosh OS X is another, as is Linux in in its many Distros.

How can you run Mac OS on Dell Laptop?

The licencing conditions you agree to when installing Apple's Mac OS X only allow it to be installed on hardware made by Apple.

You are having laptop with xp service pack 2 but you want to install mac os in your computer how can you do this?

Apple's Mac OS X can legally only be installed on Apple's own computers.

How do you connect a laptop to a PC if the laptop does not have an OS and the PC runs XP?

Install xp on the laptop. A laptop won't work without an operating system.You can do this. But how do you mean "connect"? If you want to share files, then here's a way. If the laptop has a floppy drive and a network card you can make a network bootdisk to boot the laptop and connect to the laptop using ethernet . This will allow you to access shares on the desktop and u can copy over files from the laptop to the desktop but you can't access the laptop from the desktop.You can also try "LapLink" google it for more info.

3 differences between a desktop OS and a server OS?

1.With server OS we can manage desktop OS. Server Os is higher version of Desktop OS. 2.server OS gives centralised administration for users shared resources higher security. But Desktop OS gives local machine administration only. 3.Server OS is fully covered & managed security. For (ex) Domain Controller application server print server etc. We make server with security. for Desktop OS Normal PC. We make low level security.

What can be considered to be network operating system?

Two types of OS available one is client or desktop OS and the other is network OS. Desktop OS is the OS which can be used in a standalone computer but in case of network OS a group of computer can use it. Example: Desktop OS : Window xp,7 Network OS : Unix, Linux, Solaris - SuresH

Does the Mac OSX system disk come with the laptop computer?

A new Apple laptop will have DVDs containing all the software that comes installed on the computer including Mac OS X and the iLife suite.