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Q: How can you tell if a PCI express slot has failed on your motherboard?
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How do you tell if your motherboard has a pci express slot?

when looking at a Motherboard the slots are usually as follows: 4-8 inch cream coloured slot is usually a 32 or 64 bit PCI slot Long 8 inch Blank slot is a ISA slot (not many around these days) A Short 2-3 inch black slot is usually a PCI Express slot (usually PC less than 2 years old will have these)

Can I upgrade my computer graphics?

Take a look at your system motherboard to see if it has an AGP or PCI Express card slot (it will be the topmost expansion slot on the motherboard--your monitor should be connected to the card currently sitting there). This will tell you which type of video card is available to you.

How can you check your agp slot to see if its 8x or 4x?

You cannot tell by looking at AGP slot. You need to refer to motherboard manual. Or Please give the motherboard model. you cannot find it by just looking. You need to see the motherboard manual. OR please give the motherboard model.

You have Intel pentium4 CPU 3.00ghz you want to buy nvidia geforce Asus 6600le 256 mb pci-slot graffic card you wondered can you use it on an Intel motherboard please tell you?

if you have a open pci slot yes

How do you know if you have two grahics cards?

Many times there will be an on-board graphics card in addition to a graphics card seated in an expansion slot. You should be able to tell by looking for VGA/DVI/HDMI inputs in more than one slot or directly on the Motherboard.

How do you tell if your AGP video card slot on your motherboard is recommended for 2x 4x or 8x?

You must consult your motherboard manual or look it up through the manufacturer's Web site. You may be able to spot something written on the waffer board itself, but that's rare.

How do you install gaphis card?

It should tell you in more detail with the instruction but first you slide open your computers case, then you insert the card into the matching slot on your computer's motherboard, then you close your computer back up and install the software.

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What does it mean when they tell your Motherboard's Northbridge is badCan you fix that?

The Northbridge is one of the most important parts of a motherboard's architecture.When it goes out there's not much you can do about it except get a new motherboard.

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