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you will need to "rip" depending of the type of song file mp3, ogg, wma, etc with the correct/desired encoder and you will need a higher quality source unless you are changing to a lower bit rate like example :128 to 96

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Q: How do you change the bit rate from the song?
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Is it possible for bit rate to change while symbol rate stays the same?

Yes. Different code rates change the number of bits conveyed by each symbol. Therefore, the bit rate will change.

Is bit rate makes difference in quality of a mp3 song?

Yes, I does

What does 320kbps variable bit rate mean?

The bit rate is the amount of data the file uses per second in kilobits. Higher bit rate does not always mean better quality just more data. A 320kbps constant bit rate song means every second of the song consists of 320kilobits A 320kbps variable bit rate song means on an average the song contains 320kilobits for every second of the song. The more complex portions of the song are encoded using more bits per second, the less complex portions with fewer bits per second. For example, a 10 second duration which contains very smooth variations in the amplitude can be encoded using lesser bits; whereas another 10 second duration with extra-fast variations in the music would be encoded using more bits so as to retain more information - thereby giving better fidelity. This is the advantage of a variable bit rate song. On the other hand, variable bit rate songs are more complicated to encode and decode; so getting your media player to play variable bit rate songs usually forces the decoder and associated software/hardware modules to work at their peak.

What is the fun way to teach a class a song?

Change the melody alitlle bit and have fun with it

How does average change help find instant rate of change in math?

This is done with a process of limits. Average rate of change is, for example, (change of y) / (change of x). If you make "change of x" smaller and smaller, in theory (with certain assumptions, a bit too technical to mention here), you get closer and closer to the instant rate of change. In the "limit", when "change of x" approaches zero, you get the true instantaneous rate of change.

Give an example of a signal for each what conditions the baud rate is equal to the bit rate the baud rate is greater than the bit rate and the baud rate is less than the bit rate?

Basically the baud rate can never be greater than the bit rate. Baud rate can only be equal or less than the bit rate. However, there are instances that baud rate maybe greater than the bit rate. In Return-to-zero or Manchester encoding, where there are two signaling elements, the baud rate is twice the bit rate and therefore requires more bandwidth.

What is bit rate of Ethernet when Manchester encoding is used?

bit rate is half the baud rate

How big should a MP3 song be is 3.49 MB big enough?

Depends ... if your bit rate is really low, it might be ... if your bit rate is high (like at 256 or higher) then this is a really small file. I have some MP3 files that are over 197 MB's ... !

Does serato scratch change bitrate of mp3?

No Serato Scratch does not change the bit rate. Serato is simply an engine for playing your existing MP3's

What media player edit a song's rating?

I can rate the song in Windows Media Player but it doesn't change the rate in the file's properties. I've tried Winamp too, but it's the same. So i need a media player what edit the file's properties when I rate the song. (Sorry for bad English) try the linux ones

Difference between bit rate and bit period?

Bit rate is related to the maximum frequency being sent over a channel; it is roughly twice this maximum frequency. Bit period is the time it takes to send a bit; it is 2/(bit rate).

Is acceleration the rate of change of the rate of change of position?

no its speed that definds the rate change of position