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By using Group Policy Editor or using regedit.exe

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Q: How do you hide control panel icons by mmc?
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What progarm is MMC snap-in located?

"Microsoft Management Console" - Control Panel - Administrative Tools

How do you get to the Srevices MMC Plug-in to see what services are currently running?

Open Control Panel, open Administrative Tools and double-click on the Services icon, or, Click Start>run and then type in services.msc

What is an MMC with reference to Microsoft Windows operating system?

The console is called as Microsoft Management Console (MMC) which hosts and displays administrative tools created by Microsoft and other software providers for Windows. These tools are called snap-ins, and they are used for managing the hardware, software, and network components of Windows. Several of the tools are available in the Administrative Tools folder in Control Panel, such as Computer Management, are MMC snap-ins.

What is the answer for mmc roman numeral?

It is: MMC = 2100

What does MMC stand for?

MMC is short for 'multimedia cards.' There is an industry standard to ensure compatability with MMC cards

What does MMC stand for in roman numeral?

It is: MMC = 2100

What is the name of the control panel applet that is used to set dns and dhcp settings?

DNS and DHCP Management are both Administrative Tools. DNS Management is run from the DNS MMC snap in. This can be accessed by using the Run commend, and inputting: dnsmgmt.msc DHCP Management is run from the DHCP MMC snap in. This can be accessed by using the Run commend, and inputting: dhcpmgmt.msc These snap-ins must be installed on the system, or you will be unable to access them.

Suppose you haven't created a customized MMC yet How would you start MMC?

Type "mmc" on run menu and hit enter.

Using the control panel to install dhcp configure and activate dhcp with a scope of?

DHCP has to be configured by using the DHCP snap-in MMC console. This is under the Administrative Tools once DHCP has been installed. In Windows Server 2008 you add the Role, so it isn't installed via the Control Panel at all. For configuring the scope, you need to specify the address ranges to give out, any exclusions, and scope options for default gateway, etc.

When was MMC Corporation Berhad created?

MMC Corporation Berhad was created in 1911.

What is 2100 in roman numbers?

In Roman numerals, 2100 is represented as MMC.

Can a Bang and Olufsen SP-12 cartridge be used in a Beogram 3404 turntable?

Unfortunately not. Beogram 3404 is designed for the MMC 20 series cartridges (MMC 20S with spherical stylus, MMC 20E with elliptical stylus, MMC 20EN with nude elliptical stylus, MMC 20CL with Contact Line stylus).