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Q: How do you import m4v videos into imovie?
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How do you import videos from Google drive from iMac onto imovie?

You need to open and save it to your documents and import it.

How do you import a video onto iTunes?

export it from imovie, and you can import to imovie from file

How do you convert a video to a file on imovie 6.0.3?

Go to the top bar select file-import-videos and select your video

Do iMovie Hd 6 movies work on iMovie 08?

yes, there is an import feature in iMovie 08.

What kind of video files are iPod videos?


How do you edit iPod movies on a PC?

You can't edit iPod movies on a PC. No available PC software can export movies from a video editing software into an iPod compatible format. iMovie, only available for a Mac, is recommended with editing iPod movies, since iMovie is compatible with the .m4v file and can export the file back to a .m4v after editing is done. .m4v files are the iPod compatible files.

What file do the movies have to be if you want them on your ipod touch?

Movie files should be .m4v files (this is achievable by sharing a movie in iMovie using the iPod feature if you have iMovie from any of the iLife series that Apple makes).

How do you edit ipad 2 videos?

You can use iMovie to edit your ipad2 videos.

How do you edit videos on a Mac?

iMovie is the bulit-in video editing program on Mac. But, the formats which iMovie supported are very limited: 3GP,MOV and MP4. If you want to import incompatible video or DVD movie into iMovie for further editing, you need to convert them first. Step by step tutorials about mac video conversion are placed in Related Links.

Does iMovie read and work with HD recordings?

Apple's iMovie software has supported HD content since 2005.Here is a list of iMovie software that is compatible with HD recordings and videos (as of January 2010):iMovie HDiMovie HD 6iMovie '08iMovie '09Any iMovie made before iMovie HD will not read and work with HD recordings and videos.

How do i upload videos to YouTube from imovie?

you need to highlight the video then left click on it then you will see a title that says "share with media browser" then carry on to were you want to download it !! xxx cocobeanthegreat xxx ps: hope this helps

How do you merge multiple clips on iMovie?

You cannot merge to video files in iMovie. What you can do is take all clips, audio, etc., that is in the timeline and drag it to the other iMovie file that you have open to technically 'join' the two videos.