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You cant.

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you don't

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Q: How do you transfer gift cards from an amazon account to another amazon account?
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What does balance transfer mean?

It's when you transfer your balance (or part of your balance) in an account to another account. Usually the accounts are in separate financial institutions. Although it applies mainly for credit cards, other financial product may also offer balance transfer.

Does amazon accept money from bank account?

Yes, Amazon accepts money from the bank account via the credit cards.

How do you transfer money from one giftcard to another?

if they are from all different places, like vanilla visa and visaplus, etc. you can use them on but you would have to apply them to a purchase on amazon the correct answer to the question: "can i combine all my gift cards" the answer is "no" even if there was a way, there will be a transfer fee... most likely from the "from" card and possibly from the "to" card for processing fees. with that said.. if your having to "combine" the left over dollars from several cards into 1 card, this method.. if available.. is not cost effective to you. your BEST BET is to transfer the remainding amount to your banks checking account or savings account. if you dont have either of these.. your out-of-luck.

Can you move I Tunes Cards from one account to another?


What is the typical procedure to transfer balances on credit cards?

You can use their website but you should first sign up for an account. You can also call the company to transfer balance.

How do you balance transfer from one credit card to another?

In order to transfer your balance from one credit card to another, it is best to first review all of your credit cards, their limits, how much you owe, and various benefits of each card. Then, transfer higher rate balances to cards with lower rates.

What stores accept amazon gift cards?

No department stores accept Amazon gift cards - only accepts Amazon gift cards.

Are sonic Pokemon cards on amazon?

search sonic cards on amazon you idiot

Do swag bucks pay u cash or check?

Neither, they can pay to a paypal account or you can get amazon e-gift cards etc

What can you use to buy things on a Kindle Fire?

You need an Amazon account to buys things on a Kindle Fire. This means you need a credit card. If you do not have one you can buy gift cards and apply them to your account. I recommend the gift cards because it is very easy.

Does Amazon offer a Chase card for use on their site?

No, Amazon only accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, JCB, American Express, DCI, and Amazon Gift Cards. However, you can give Amazon some of your bank account info and they can do a direct withdraw.

Can you apply for another credit card if you already have one?

yes you can i have done it recently to do a balance transfer and i still use both credit cards yes you can i have done it recently to do a balance transfer and i still use both credit cards