How does bluetooth marketing work?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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First you need a High End Blutooth Transmission Device, Not the Standalone Software that you'll find all over the Net. They just don't work properly because, store bought Bluetooth Dongles that needs to go with them or not optimized. Not to mentions the software there selling timeouts after a few send an your none the wiser.

You need the" Real Deal Holy Field" Like: 1MOBO-Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Device's. You'll be able to broadcast your message up to a 300.ft radius to everyone's Mobile Phone within the device's Location. An the really nice thing about It, It's Portable...

You'll find More Info Here:

Website launches Monday April 25th 2011 | with a Training Video

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Q: How does bluetooth marketing work?
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What is bluetooth marketing generally used for?

Bluetooth marketing is generally used for sending marketing material to those with Bluetooth devices in a particular area. This material might involve images, video, text or audio.

How can a business research its target marketing?

Today, Bluetooth mobile marketing has created new avenues for mobile marketing. Bluetooth is often used for sharing information files among mobile users such as documents, images, and videos etc.

Can apple bluetooth headsets work Verizon iPhones?

Bluetooth works with anything that can receive Bluetooth, so yes, it does work with an iPhone

Does lg sentio have wifi?

I think they are improperly marketing Bluetooth capability as Wifi.

Does bluetooth support roaming?

If you mean "Will bluetooth work abroad", yes it will. Bluetooth has nothing to do with your mobile network provider, so it will work anywhere that there's another bluetooth device to communicate with.

Does Bluetooth work when you are you airplane?

Yes - generally Bluetooth will work when you are on a plane. The issue is that some flights will ban the use of bluetooth devices. You also are in close quarters so you can get interference from neighboring bluetooth devices.

Why does my Motorola tracfone's bluetooth not work?

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on...

Does the iPhone bluetooth keyboard work on the iPod fourth?

Dose the iPod 4th is iPod touch 4th? if yes. the bluetooth keyboard can work on it. because it have bluetooth function.

What is a bluetooth messenger?

When someone's having a Bluetooth technology with bluetooth messenger enabled in their phone , you can chat for free with them. Would be useful in classrooms or same work environments when in strict situations. you can get the bluetooth messenger app if you have bluetooth technology!

Will a wireless printer work with a Samsung Bluetooth?

The answer to your question actually depends on whether or not your wireless printer is Bluetooth-enabled or Bluetooth-compatible. If it is Bluetooth-enabled, you should have no problem setting up a connection between your two devices. If it is Bluetooth-compatible, you will need to purchase the applicable adapter or dongle for it before you can set up a connection. If it is neither Bluetooth-enabled nor Bluetooth-compatible, your Samsung Galaxy S will not work with it.

Why won't my Bluedio R Bluetooth headset work with gaming?

I am not use why your Bluedio R Bluetooth headset will not work while gaming. You will have to tell me what it is saying or doing when trying to get it to work.

Bluetooth Sony Ericsson xperia x8?

You have to download an bluetooth app from the android store the it should work :)