How much do burmese pythons cost?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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That depends which country you're in. In the UK, not many reptile shops stock them these days - however - babies are usually on sale for around £120. The difficulty - is finding it a new home when it gets too big for you to cope with ! An 18-inch baby will grow to nine feet in its first year ! They attain their adult size of 17-19 feet at about three years.

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Q: How much do burmese pythons cost?
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Are burmese pythons venomas?

Nope - Burmese Pythons are constrictors. The do not possess venom glands.

Is the burmese pythons born live or do they hach from eggs?

Burmese Pythons, like all Pythons, hatch from eggs. Boas do not lay eggs

What country do burmese pythons' come from?

burmese pythons' come from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam

What country do burmese pythons?

Burmese Pythons are native to the Asian continent - around Burma (hence the name) and India.

How do Burmese pythons eat their preys?

Burmese pythons are constrictors meaning they strangle their prey to death, and the consume them whole.

What are a Burmese pythons enemies?

Saltwater crocodiles are common predators of burmese pythons. Komodo dragons also prey on burms.

What is the bermess python?

Burmese pythons are large pythons from Southeast Asia.

What are burmese python enemies?

Crocodiles and Komodo dragons prey on burmese pythons.

What are the names of pythons?

There are many python species - including... Burmese Pythons, Reticulated Pythons, Royal Pythons, Carpet Pythons, Childrens Pythons, Blood Pythons, & Indian Pythons

How do Burmese pythons escape from alligators?

eat it

Where can you buy a Burmese Pythons in Connecticut?


Why is the Burmese pythons successful is in this new ecosystem?

Burmese Pythons are originally from an ecosystem that is close in temperature to the Everglades area. This plus the large amounts of available prey make it a excellent place for Burmese to thrive.