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if you download it onto your hardrive you folders will be fine but if you download it and reformat the system all you files will be lost so i would advise to put all your folders onto a internal hardrive (portal hardrive or a memory stick) i also wouldn't advice downloading vista because i had vista for about a year and it started to randomly i would advise downloading windows 7 or buying it :/

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Q: If you download windows vista will it keep your files on the computer?
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What are Windows Vista games?

Windows Vista games are games that belong to Windows Vista, which can be accessed through their Windows Vista software. You can easily download free games onto your computer.

How many tools does windows vista provide for exploring the files and folder on a computer?

Windows Vista provides two tools for exploring the files and folders on your computer- WINDOWS EXPLORER and the COMPUTER WINDOW. Both display the contents of your computer, using icons to represent drives, folders, and files.

What does Windows Easy Transfer do to prevent problems with a Windows Vista Setup?

Nothing. This program simply collects files and settings on your old computer and puts them on your new computer. Windows Easy Transfer is a feature of Windows Vista that allows you to transfer files and settings from one Windows computer to another. Using Windows Easy Transfer, you can transfer most of your files, programs and settings to your new computer.

How do you download Windows Vista bootscreen for xp?

go to

Whehow do you download window vista?

If you will download Windows vista and run it ......your all window and files will be deleted........the best way in which you can have windows vista is downloading windows vista transformation pack 9.........this software will give your XP or server 2003 the effect of windows vista.....and if you don't want vista then you can also remove it from add/remove can download it from....

How do you get windows on your phone?

well first you download Windows Mobile Device and then plug your phone into the computer and then when it has found connection it will download windows vista onto your phone.

Your computer operates on windows vista Can you run a program that says to use windows XP or higher?

Yes. The software needs to be able to use the commands and files that are available in Windows XP. Windows Vista will have these available as well as other files and commands that have been developed since Windows XP was released. However, do not confuse this with device drivers. If you have a piece of hardware that specifies that the drivers are for Windows XP, these will not necessarily work under Windows Vista and you will need to download the correct drivers from the manufacturer's website.

How do you transfer files from Windows 98 to Windows Vista?

There are several possible methods: 1. Burn a CD on the Windows 98 computer with the files you want to transfer. 2. Purchase a USB Flash drive and drag files from the Windows 98 computer onto it. Then plug the drive into the Vista computer and drag them back. 3. Share a folder over a network connection. 4. Use floppies.

If you have Windows XP and you download SP1 for Windows Vista will it turn it into Windows Vista?


How you can format your computer windows vista without CD?

how i can format my computer windows vista withut cd..............please kindly tell me. how i can format my computer windows vista withut cd..............please kindly tell me.

What happens to my files and memory if i download windows vista?

Your memory: Nothing, depending on the capacity of your computer's RAM, Vista may affect it, then again, many operating systems do, however, Vista has been criticized for it's high usage of memory.Your Files: Depending on the way you install the operating system, if you upgrade from XP to Vista (Vista only supports XP=>Vista upgrades), your files will be perfectly fine, if you allow the installation to erase the contents of the hard drive and partition you install it to, your files will be lost.If you'd like to see if your computer can handle vista, see related links.