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Linux is not an power full Operating system XP is the most powerfull operating system

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Q: Is Mobile Linux Operating System powerful and Why?
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What is mobileIP33N?

Mobile IP33N is a mobile operating system, like WindowsNT, UNIX, Linux.

What operating system does the kindle fire HD use?

Kindle Fire HDs use a customized version of Android, which is a mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel with a non-GNU userland.

Is this Netbook compatible with Linux?

The operating system included with this Netbook is HP Mobile Internet, which is built on Linux. So, yes, this Netbook is compatible with Linux.

Is Linux a operating system?

Yes. Linux is a computer operating system.

What is androi?

Android is a mobile computing operating system developed by Google. You can find the Android operating system on devices like phones, tablets and even a handful of laptops.

What are the functions of the three system components in the Linux operating system?

1. There is no the Linux operating system.2. Only one component is strictly necessary to make a Linux operating system - the kernel.

What is the difference between Linux and an operating system?

Linux is an operating system kernel. It is a portion of the software that makes up a complete operating system.

What is a Linux based operating system designed by Google?

No, it is not OS is not a Linux based operating system. Giggles is a search engine and created Chrome Operating system. Linux is its own brand of operating system.

What is the current version of Linux operating system and the name of its distro?

there is no "linux operating system". linux is merely a kernel that operating systems can be built upon, of which there are dozens if not hundreds

Is Linux a network operating system?

Yes, it can be a networking operating system

What is the example of disk operating system?

is linux a disk operating system

What system type is Linux?

operating system