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Yes um i mean i don't have an android but it should be uh ha ha ha hm

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Q: Is it safe to buy apps on the android market?
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Can you use phone credit to buy android apps?

Yes that is the default way of buying apps on Android Market. If you are on contract it will be charged at the end of the month

How do you allow on unlicensed apps on Android phones?

buy the licensed app from the market

Do you need a creditcard to go to the android market?

You do not need a credit card to go to the android market. You do need need a credit card if you want to buy paid apps. You do not need a credit card for free apps.

Can you download apps for HTC wildfire?

Yeah course I have a htc wilfire myself you buy and download apps from the Android Market and belive me there is a huge variety .

Is there an iPad for kids?

No, but there are many kid-friendly apps, cases and security settings for the iPad. If you do no want to spend as much for fear that they will break it, you could buy a cheaper Android-based tablet. Just make sure that the Android market has the apps you want.

Can you buy android apps without credit card details?

At the moment the only way to buy apps is with a credit card.

Can you get apps on the HTC wildfire?

Not in the same way as iphone. Iphone run their own separate opporating system and you can buy apps on the app store (accessable through itunes). Htc on the other hand run the Android opporating system (created by google). Simularly this has its own app store (the "Android Market") where you can download apps and games .etc.

What are some applications you can buy on Google Apps Market?

You can buy a variety of applications on the Google Apps Market. You can buy games for entertainment such as Angry Birds or you can even buy apps to help you with your everyday life such as a calorie counter.

Can you buy apps for encore to lock pictures?

Actually no you dont have too.Because me myself I have a android phone and it doesn't really matter now if you want too you can just look at the market on your android phone and search it hope this helps bye.

Can you buy Android apps in Canada?

According to official figures android applications are available to download in 131 countries which includes Canada. :)

Can you buy magic piano on the android market?


Can you download apps using a kindle?

Yes you can buy apps they are from Android so they are pretty decent